Knowing Your God
Louis & DJ Hejtmanek

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Louis C. Hejtmanek  

Louis worked as a corporate executive for 32 years following his undergraduate  years at Texas A & M University and a 6-year stint traveling Texas as a magazine writer. He earned his MBA from Centenary College in Shreveport, LA, while working in the family printing business. His varied interests have included photography, children's church ministry, hiking, rock collecting, dog dad, whitewater rafting, small group leader, gardening, and being "Dod Chuck" to five precocious granddaughters. One of his favorite gigs was serving as football announcer for the Evangel Eagles.

DJ May Hejtmanek

DJ is a 25-year fundraising professional, currently raising charitable funds for an international organization. A Baylor University grad, she has worn many hats – magazine editor, wife, radio broadcaster, Mom, public relations spokesperson, community college administrator, children’s book author (Mr. Marble’s Moose), Bible teacher, JoJo’s dog trainer, “Dovie” to five little girls, amateur baker, and licensed minister. She and Louis have been married 37 years, live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and have two married children and five beautiful granddaughters living nearby.

"We need what you carry on your life. This is not the time to hide. It is time for you to come out of confinement and call to the Lord, 'I’m here! Speak, for Your servant listens. 'If you want to live the life God has planned for you, hiding must no longer be an option."

Lisa Bevere, When Hiding Is No Longer An Option


Harvest the harvesters.

Equip the equippers.

Identify their identities in Christ.


How do you take the next steps to launch into your future?