• DJ May Hejtmanek

Monday Prayer for Living Beyond the Ordinary

I offer this simple prayer with love to begin your week in a quest for the extraordinary. Pray it over your own life and expect God to move!

Good morning, dear Father.

I commit to you this Monday and this week. Thank God, your mercies are fresh every morning.

Let the gentleness of your grace ease me into full gear today. Make me fully alive with your presence and wide-eyed aware of your beauty.

Guide my steps, Lord. Order my comings and my goings according to your plans, not mine.

Take me to the hurting and lost and let me share the good news of hope. Take me places where I can be brave and courageous for your name’s sake.

Go with me and show yourself mighty in the mundane and the magnificent.

Help me reach beyond myself and extend your hand in my world. Set me as a lamp on a hill, that your glory may shine on those within my realm of influence.

Take me beyond the ordinary this week.

Fuel me with the fire of your presence and show me what life can be like when I submit daily to the lover of my soul.

Fill me with your Holy Spirit and the passion to pursue you with every fiber of my being, all in, no holds barred, feet first, over my head immersed in your grace.

In Jesus’ mighty name I pray.


Knowing Your God
DJ Hejtmanek

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